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Every Child needs a teacher.

posted Apr 28, 2013, 8:38 PM by Sonam Leki
No single child is born perfect. Even an extraordinary
person like Guru needs someone to help and teach him.
Everyone likes gaiety. Happiness is gained from training
one’s mind. To ensure teacher is must.
Every child needs a teacher to shape his/her life in a positive and proper manner and to
enhance the wholesome abilities and capabilities. In order to fulfill aims and reams, be it
high or low, good or bad, guidance is essential to show the path and steps towards it. So, to
have a brighter, colourful and fruitful future the child should have teacher. Teacher helps
inculcate the best values of life.
Teachers direct a child to lead a peaceful life helping him/her train the mind. As a result
values like sympathy, kindness, empathy and love would be developed. With the best of
nourishment he/she would never bring I in the first consideration. Every act would be
aimed for the benefit of all. Teachers help the child develop a positive mind and optimism
would rule the child’s life. A child with a teacher’s guidance would choose play fields and
co-curricular activities over the in-productive acts; thereby a child becomes both mentally
and physically fit.
The word “TEACHER” is highly respected as the act itself is divine. Teaching liberates a
child from the word of confusion. Teacher is the only one who can enable a child to
discover his/her hidden talents and abilities. Therefore, it is a fact that should be globally
accepted that every child needs a teacher.
Rinzin Jamtsho