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Every child needs a teacher

posted Apr 28, 2013, 8:24 AM by Sonam Leki
Kinzang Goling
From the scratch of time man perceived more about the
world and its nature, they then renounced their reeking
animal job and conceived of doing aromatic humanly job.
In their quest for redemption they won’t be triumphant if it had not been for a teacher’s
guidance. Teacher from time immemorial had been a prime medic to redeem whole
generations of mankind.
The building won’t be rigid if the base is not strong. A person’s future would be on stake if
their childhood education is lacking. Childhood is the base of human life and it’s often a
premier stage to install the software of morality. A child’s mind is like an empty slate.
They don’t have the instinct of good and bad.
As they are freshers on our earth, they have the lust to study and develop zest in
everything they learn. To induce morality ethic in the child, a teacher’s companion is hook
or by crook must for the child. Child’ mind would be seethed with deluded thoughts
because they are innocent of their crime. So, without a teacher’s guidance and advice the
child in their adult life would become hooligan.
Children raised in different atmosphere would display different behaviour. For instance,
an African born child can’t speak Chinese because they are not taught Chinese by their
teacher. Children only learn what their teachers teach. “Teacher” the embodiment of all
Buddha possess great intellectual caliber. Teacher is the person to illuminate a child’s
future by teaching the child about human morality.
Childhood the primary stage of human kind to lush with healthy manner should have the
companion of a teacher. Teacher is the one to pull the child towards the zenith of success
and forbid the child from trotting in the evil path. Child’s mind is like an empty slate to
which the teachings of teacher would be imprinted which would facilitate him/her to lush
with beautiful values.
Kinzang Thinley (winner of the essay competition)