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Student Support Services

A safe physical and emotional environment through:

  • Health talks on safety education, substance abuse, adolescents, etc.
  • Counseling on emotionally disturbed students.

Supporting academic learning by:

  • SLMSS, Remedial action plans for the weaker students
  • Unit tests

Types of student support services

a) Career Education

  • One period a week will be allotted for the classes IX and X
  • Counselor who has attended NBIP on Career counseling will take these classes. The teacher concerned will plan and coordinate the counseling programmes in the school.
  • Guest speakers will be invited during the academic session for briefing the students.

b) Health Education

  • Health and Hygiene of the students will be regularly checked during the assembly
  • Sick/Weak/injured children will be directed to visit the doctor.
  • First aid/school infirmary will be carried out in the school.
  • Trained teacher on Health will take care of the infirmary.

Structure and Support Services Agents

Safety rules for students.

  • Parents of the girls will be informed to collect them when they have to go home during the holidays.
  • Students are discouraged to hang on the running vehicle whenever they travel in the school bus or other vehicles.
  • Should not play with the electrical appliances in the school or in the hostel.
  • The maintenance club members will carry out the minor repairing works like replacing of bulbs and tube rods under the special supervision of the instructor.
  • Students should take the correct side of the road while walking to avoid accident. Do not run after the running vehicle(s).