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School Management System

Preamble to the School Based Management System

Education system is an industry where the input and output is both human. Therefore it becomes challenging for an administrator to manage human beings. How well one manages depends on a good management system that the school has. And the good system will be known from the way one executes the system. The system of school administration is based on the three pillars of good governance- efficiency, transparency and accountability. The national policy of decentralization is more emphasized in the school management system. The school administration aims at making all the staff responsive to the needs and interest of the students, thereby fulfilling the educational goals of providing quality and value based wholesome education to them. The job delegation is based on "RIGHT PERSON FOR THE RIGHT JOB" which motivates the teacher's effectiveness and it also takes care of decentralization policy at wide spread.


Our School shall be a centre of excellence in areas of knowledge, skills and values whereby graduates will be responsible, competent and progressive global citizens.


The purpose of our school is to provide learning experiences in creating conducive environment to the individual student’s needs through wholesome and value oriented quality education.


  • Enhance professionalism in teachers.
  • Improve student's academic standard / performance.
  • Facilitate child friendly environment.
  • Integrate information technology in teaching learning process.
  • Improve SLMSS.
  • Enhance students' participation in co-curricular activities.
  • Improve students' welfare facilities / SSS
  • Promote dignity of labour.

Learning Beliefs:

  • Students learn from a skilled, consistent, and enthusiastic teacher who will be seen as a positive role model.
  • Students learn through practical experience, observation, and social interaction.
  • Relevance is fundamental to more meaningful learning.
  • Learning is influenced by each student's sense of self-worth and should be recognized by the teacher; therefore, positive reinforcement is necessary to motivate the learner.
  • Communication skills are important for learning.
  • Learning takes place when quality is expected and encouraged.
  • Students learn when encouraged to use skills they have acquired to solve problems and to think freely.
  • Students learn with different styles, rates, and at different levels.
  • Learning happens in an environment where goals and expectations are clearly defined and evaluated.
  • Self-discipline improves learning.
  • Learning is enhanced in a secure environment where students are free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Students need to recognize that they are responsible for their own learning.
  • Students need to learn to live together.
  • Learning is life-long.