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Professional Development Programmes

School Level Monitoring and Support Services

According to EMSSD decentralized policy, the monitoring and support services systems have been entrusted to school to facilitate greater accountability, transparency and efficiency in our management systems from the year 2000 onwards.

Monitoring is basically checking on the teachers’ performance of a responsibility or duty to see if the work is being done the way it is expected. Monitoring also encompasses analyzing and identifying the factors that affect the performance of teachers, convincing the staff for the need to improve or acquire additional knowledge, skills and values and attitude, and ensure adequate support services to the staff by the management in order to meet the challenges demanded by the profession. It can lead to a continuous development in one’s profession and be sustainable in the school system.

School Based In-service Programme (SBIP)


  • Review school programmes and activities analytically
  • Identify factors contributing to the poor staff performance
  • Discuss staff development needs in these areas.
  • Plan, implement, and monitor SBIPs to boost staff performance
  • Conduct symposiums and seminars to enrich teacher’s professional competence
  • Encourage reading habits in teachers to update content knowledge and hone their teaching skills
  • Publish teachers’ journal to share experiences, action research findings and good practices with others.

Staff Meeting

  • Staff meeting will be conducted once in a month.
  • Staff secretary will notify and organize the meeting. He will also write the minutes of the proceedings.
  • Discuss the support services for the staff for better performance in future.

Staff development activity based on NBIPs

Teachers who attend the NBIP will conduct SBIP after discussing with the SBIP in charge. The nomination of teachers for the NBIP is strictly based on their related teaching subjects and current responsibilities