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Management of Students

Good Discipline

Discipline is the 'Gateway' to education. Therefore, it is imperative to have good discipline established in the school. Everyone is expected to maintain good discipline and make our school a better and conducive place for learning.
  • The School is an institute where all walks of people (Staff members & students) come and work together. It is a home for us and should live like a family.
  • The school family should lead a meaningful life: - being honest, kind and understanding to one another.
  • Setting of good manners in students is an essential part of schooling culture.
  • Punctuality is imperative and must not be neglected.
  • Participation, cooperation, initiative and dynamism are important and the school should strive to uphold and practice.
  • Respect each other and never undermine or abuse one's colleagues.
  • The school premises must be free of smoking, gambling or consumption of alcohol and other intoxicated substance.
  • One should never forget one's duties and responsibilities - classes are by no means to be left unattended or unengaged. Lessons are to be prepared in advance.
  • Outsiders or relatives will not be entertained during the school hours.
  • Constructive suggestions or complaints should be lodged in a proper way.
  • Deviation or negligence of any above-mentioned points will be considered serious.

Student Rules and Regulations

For the functioning of the school smoothly and properly it is of utmost important that every one of us should be aware and understand the school's norms. All should strictly observe the rules & regulations enshrined hereunder.
  • All students must be punctual of all the activities that happen in the school - prayer study, meals, assembly, and classes, SUPW etc.
  • All should try to participate in the school activities or contribute to the school in the best possible manners.
  • Uncivilized and barbarous actions like yelling, quarrelling, fighting, stealing, abusing of friends or any staff members are strictly prohibited.
  • Any form of tobacco use, gambling or consuming any intoxicating substances is totally banned.
  • Parents/guardians or outsiders wishing to meet students may do only after the school hours or recess time. Students are not permitted to meet anyone in the market or outside the school premises.
  • Pupils who desire to go home due to unavoidable circumstances should have letters from the parents or guidance stating the reason. He/she may leave school only after filling the forms, which will be kept in the personal file as records. 
  • In case of minor or girls the parents or guardians should personally come to the school for the leave.
  • Students who are weak and unable to attend the classes must have a letter duly signed by parents/guardians in case of day scholars. The boarder students must have letters duly signed by the Warden/Matron. Otherwise, the letters will be nullified and marked absent in the attendance.
  • Sick pupils wishing to visit hospital should obtain out pass signed by the teacher on duty.
  • All school properties must be well taken care. Taps must be closed and lights should be put off after using. Doors and windows should be closed after the classes.
  • No students are permitted to play chalk or write on the road, walls and floor.
  • Reading of pornography is not entertained.
  • All should come to the school with proper uniform except on Saturday. All should be with proper dress after the school hours. Nails and hairs should be properly cut.
  • Wearing of rings, bangles, or any ornaments are not encouraged.
  • Students are advised not to bring any valuable objects or things. In case have lost or damaged, school won't be responsible.
  • Visiting the market is strictly prohibited. For buying soaps and other things is to be done during the outing time:

1. Girls - Saturday - (1.00pm to 3.00pm)
2. Boys – Sunday - (1.00pm to 3.00pm)

  • All are required to speak Dzongkha & English when you are in the school premises. Other languages are not permitted.
  • Nobody is allowed to play ball in and around academic buildings.
  • Sitting or leaning on the fencing (around the flower garden) is not at all allowed.
  • Stepping on flower garden or playing flowers are strictly prohibited.
  • No students will climb on to the trees or play with electric posts.
  • After the Assembly all should directly go to the respective classes.
  • No day scholar will remain back and play after the study bell.
  • All should use toilet for defecation.
  • There should be a complete silence in the study hall.'
  • Jumping over the fence or squeezing through the barbed wire (fence) is strictly prohibited.
  • The school campus must be maintained tidy. Therefore, nobody is allowed to play paper and litter the area.
  • Students should switch off their mobile during school activities