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Hostel Rules and Regulations

The boarder students must make note of the following rules and regulations and strictly observe them:
  • The rising and sleeping bell should be strictly observed.
  • No one should make noise or move around, after final bell for light off. All should be in the respective beds.
  • The beds must always be kept tidy and personal belongings should be kept properly.
  • Nothing should be hung from the ceiling and making shelf on the wall is not allowed.
  • Sleeping together or shifting of bed from one place to another is strictly prohibited.
  • Those students getting up early should do without disturbing their friends.
  • Students wishing to have extra study may do with prior permission from the Warden or Matron.
  • Those pupils who are unable to attend the prayer and study must inform Warden/Matron without fail.
  • Drying clothes and other things on doors, windows sills and veranda are not permitted.
  • No one should climb on to the roofs of the buildings.
  • Kitchen is out of bound for all the students except Mess Captains. Cooking in the school premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Nametags that are struck on the beds are to be taken care.
  • Guests are not entertained in the school particularly in the Hostels.
  • All must refrain from playing with switches and lights.
  • No electrical appliances should be used in the hostels.
  • You should never forget to be on proper dress within or outside the hostels.
  • A surprise attendance will be taken in order to check in your presence.
  • All room captains will take charge of the rooms and their facilities from the warden/matron in the beginning of the year and return them in the same condition at the end of the year.