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Co-Curricular Activities

Purpose of having co-curricular activities is to provide every child equal opportunity to participate in CCAs for wholesome development of a child. It also provides an equal opportunity and maximum student participation in every field. Values inculcating through these activities are:

   1. Civic virtues

  • Being responsible
  • Respect for laws and being law abiding citizens
  • Care and respect for properties and
  • Being productive citizens.                                    

2. Social Values

  • Appreciation of individual’s relation to a group,
  • Team spirit, co-operation, loyalty, sense of belongingness.

     3. Cultural values to understand and learn culture through

  • Participation in cultural activities
  • Observing religious and national festivals.

4. Leadership qualities

  • Being creative and resourceful
  • Possessing a high sense of independence
  • Planning, organizing and executing plans independently
  • Conduct tournaments.

5. Meeting psychological needs of the students by

  • Being agents for the sublimation of the instincts
  • Serving as out lets for pent-up emotions of the child
  • Providing opportunities for the expressions of individual differences and training of potential capabilities and aspects of personalities of the people

Catogries of Co-curricular activities

1. Literary and academic development

  • English and Dzongkha debate competition (inter house)
  • English and Dzongkha Extempore speech Competition(inter house)
  • English and Dzongkha Quiz competition (inter house)
  • Reading Competition (reading week)
  • Poetry recitation(reading week)
  • Language Week
  • English and Dzongkha skit 
  • Spelling Test