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posted Mar 25, 2014, 12:59 AM by Sonam Leki   [ updated Mar 25, 2014, 1:06 AM ]


-          compiled by class X ‘C’, YMSS.


Yebilaptsa Middle School is in the midst of the inter class tournament. The tournament is organized in order to maintain health and fitness programme in the school. This will also promote sportsmanship and improve soccer skills of students.

A total of 13 teams are participating which include a team from staff, enter fee Nu 10 from students and Nu.50 all the teachers is collected for prize and refreshment.

The tournament kicked off from 17th march, 2014 and till now 3 matches has been played. On Monday the match was between 8A and 9B where 9A won with 2 goals. On Tuesday 10 E  played against 8B. 10 E won with 4 goals. On Friday 10E played against 10 C where 10C won with 2 goals. One of the students mentioned that such tournament  was very engrossing and help to the students to keep them physically and mentally fit. The tournament is also being organized to select school team player for the upcoming Dzongkhag sports meet, which is too held on 9th May 2014.

Today the match will be between XA against IXA and later YMSS staff will against XD. All the staff and students are invited to witness the match at 2.30 pm.



The long awaited Wi-Fi connection in YMSS got access through broadband connection on 13th March 20014.

The Wi-Fi facility has the capacity of 25GB with 50M range access range. The school is paying Nu. 1500 as rental charge.

Main objectives of broadband connection is to create conducive teaching learning environment through use of ICT teachers and students can now get access to internet to acquire relevant information on subject matter and beyond

The modern is place in YMSS staffroom where all staff can get free access during office hours.

The school has plans to pipeline to extend the facility to computer lab where students can also get access to internet in coming days.


Return show is going to be held today by new students to old students as a gesture of gratitude for the warm welcome to the YMSS family. 55 to 60 students are participating in various cultural items such as boedra, zhungdra and rigsar in this programme. The main objectives of showing such a show is also to display new talent and to promote Bhutanese culture through dances and songs. Danber Kumar from class 9A who is participating in today’s programme is enthusiastic and nervous to face the anticipating audience. The school vice captain shared to YBS that there were no such programme held at his previous school and he was overwhelmed to know such good culture in YMSS . Everybody is hoping for a fantastic show tonight at 6.00 pm



On 20th March an educational movie was watched by a Yebilaptsa audience which was screened by RENEW. RENEW stands for Respect Educative Nurture and Empower Women. The movie titled ‘ Gawa’, the other side of the moon, addresses the ugly side of night hunting culture which is rampant in our country that has produced 770 fatherless children and many more unregistered cases. It talks about how women were exploited by men which is a pressing issue in Bhutan. The movie is based on true story. The staff and students of YMSS donated generously for such as noble cause and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

 A short movie of 28 minutes length was also screened as a bonus track by RENEW committee. The film director Mr. Chand R.C. shared that the main objectives of screening such a movie is to create awareness such cases and to generate help poor students who are not able to go to school. Some students also asked question and encouraged the director to go to their village to show this movie. The director thanked all the Yebilaptsa audience for watching the movie.



It was the first period when the Assistant Principal Mr. Karma Sangay gave a siren to signal a mock earthquake. Every one hurried under table and followed the DUCK, COVER and HOLD method. Then students slowly moved towards assembly ground which was used as evacuation where the teachers, accompanied by some assigned students, took over their various responsibilities as rescue, first aid and transportation team,

This programme was mainly to create awareness and be ready to face unforeseen disaster like earthquake which has been a threat to Bhutanese society. Since Bhutan is under earthquake prone zone, it was felt important to cope up with such disaster in an organized way to avoid injurious and casualties