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Saturday News 9B- October 12, 2013

posted Oct 12, 2013, 12:26 AM by Sonam Leki   [ updated Oct 17, 2013, 8:51 AM by Dorji Nedup ]

Power fluctuation in School

The power fluctuation at Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School has now become a major problem. However, yesterday 14 students and 3 non teaching staff worked whole day to remove electrical cable under ground. This was done mainly to check the defects in the UGC electrical cable; they finally found the defect cable which was burnt underground. They temporarily repaired the cable by joining the burnt cables and it is yet not safe for school for long run. This major problem could only be removed by replacing the complete cables till bus bar. Although the cable is being repaired, students and teachers are advice not to visit the area to avoid electrical shock.


Sudden checking in the hostels

Saturday on 5th October 2013: there was a sudden checking done in the hostel by group of teachers. The checking was done right after assembly mainly to check possession of unwanted items in the school premises for safe school environment.

On checking both the boys and girls’ hostel, few number of tobacco products (baba) were found hidden in the box belonging to some students of boy's hostel.

According to the principal, the school is in the process of investigating the source. The school is not able to interrogate the children as it coincided with the trial examination, and after through interrogation, the school discipline committee will decide to take action as per the school discipline policy.


32 days: Time to sew

With the completion of the trail examination for class 10 today, it is a signal for the lower classes to prepare for their annual examinations. “We have only 32 days for our annual exam and it’s very high time to be with our books”, said Pema Tsheden a class 9 student.

The students of class 10 expressed their gratitude to their respective warden and matron for providing lighting facilities from 4’o clock in the morning and till 10pm to prepare for the examination.

The school expects better performance given enough time for preparation.