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Saturday news (30/03/2013) By 10A

posted Apr 1, 2013, 7:56 AM by Sonam Leki   [ updated Apr 1, 2013, 7:23 PM ]

Zhemgang celebrates Annual Tshechu

From 21st to 23rd March 2013 , people of Zhemgang celebrated Tshechu. People celebrate Tshechu mainly to conserve culture and bring peace in the world. It is a type of festival which occurs once in a year. According to Jurmey Wangmo it was a interesting and enjoyable. Thousands of people gathered to celebrate Tshechu. Tshechu ended with blessing.

-------Dorji Cheizom

Inter class boys football kicks off in YMSS.

On Saturday 23rd March 2013 the inter class football tournament was started in Yebilaptsa MSS. The  first match was played between 7A and 9E, at the end 9E won the match with 5 goals. This match was followed by 8B Vs  9D, 9A Vs 9B, 10D Vs Staff, 10A Vs 10C, 10B Vs 9C and 9A Vs 8C. The final match will be played on Monday 1/4/2013 at 3:55pm. The aims and objectives of conducting the tournament is firstly to make relation among students and to keep the body fit and to develop co operation among school members.

---Tashi Phuntsho

Agriculture is in full swing in Yebilaptsa MSS

Agriculture is the back bone of our nation. Agriculture leads to self sufficiency and high living standard of citizens of our nation. School agriculture work 2013 started on Friday 15 March with the allotment of plots to different classes. All the classes are putting their hard work to their gardens to grow varieties of vegetables. The main objectives are : to provide training to the youth of today so as to build the citizen of tomorrow, to supply vegetables to the mess.It is interesting to note that students engaged in agricultural work during free time. This keeps them  engaged besides the skill they get.

----Pema Dema

Renovation works in Yebilaptsa MSS.

Renovation works are going on in hostel and in the school. It was started from 10th January 2013 and still continuing. The renovation,  mainly focusing to replace the roofs and re electrification. Due to this renovation works the reporting date for students had postponed.  In order to compensate the lost instructional days the school has started 4th period on every Saturday till November. According to school captain Yonten Wangchuk he  feels very delighted and happy to continue in the well maintained school.

----Ram Chandra Mongar

Sir Phuba:- Captains Orientation over in YMSS.

Captains orientation was held on Thursday 28th March 2013 Coordinated by Madam Namgay Dem. In the MPH. The main objectives of orientation are

        1.       To orient captains on the roles and responsibilities they have to shoulder.

        2.       To remind the student body about the team work.

        3.       To highlight the importance of captains in the school.

After the orientation the badges were awarded to the captains by the Principal and programme was ended successfully with oath taking session coordinated by Lopen Dorji Samdrup.  Tshering Wangchuk, the sanitation captain said that he is fortunate to attend such programme so that he can perform his duty well in the school and in the future.

----Dorji Rinchen

Interview with the health in charge Mr. Phuba regarding substance abuse.

Question:  Sir What is substance abuse?

Sir Phuba:- Substance abuse means use of harmful substance or use of substance in harmful ways for mood alerting purposes.

Question : Sir What do you think, why the youth involved  in substance abuse?

Sir Phuba:- Youth are abusing substance  1. To show off/fashion.  2. Due to domestic problems. 3. Due to attitude problems.  4. Due to peer-pressure,


Question:SirWhat are its effects?

Sir Phuba:- The effects can be felt at different levels as 1. Individual level:- health crisis/cancer/AIDS, Job termination, Accident, Over dose can cause sudden death and criminal/violent activity.

Family and friends level:- domestic problem and disappointment behaviour.

Society level:- violent activity can cause problem with society.

 Question:Why is it a big national concern nowadays?

Sir Phuba:- Because every year the substance related case among the youth are increasing despite the government all possible ways of stopping it. For instance even after ban on tobacco related products, the illegal cases are increasing and even standard 5 and 6 can be seen smoking.


Question:Sir,  what is your advice to the youth?

Sir Phuba:- My advice to all is there is no reason that you should take drugs. Your future will be more competitive than what you are seeing. Be somebody in future and study hard.


Thank you very much for your presence and valuable advice. Thank you sir.