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posted Sep 29, 2013, 1:35 AM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated Sep 29, 2013, 1:41 AM ]

1.     The maruti car accident occurred this Monday at 8 am at the sharp turning below the boys and girls hostel. There were two passengers; husband and wife. They were on their way to Yebilaptsa hospital for medical checkup.

As per some informants the cause of the accident would have been due to inexperienced driving. The accident occurred at the sharp turning while the driver was trying to take a reverse turn.

One of the nursing staff Mr. Sangay Tenzin of Yebilaptsa hospital told that there was no major damage caused externally or internally.

There was a multi cut at back, chest, abdomen and right hand and also many small pieces of glasses has penetrate in the husband’s body.

The wife was pregnant for almost seven months and there was deep cut at left side of her eye as well as minor cut on hand.

Mr. Sangay Tenzin said that nothing major injuries had happened to the body and they are being treated in Yebilaptsa Hospital. They are stable in condition

2. On 20th Sept.2013, scout member conducted a campaign to Gloing and Tali with an aggregate of 86 scout members escorted by a scout master Mr. Karma Sangay. The teams were also accompanied by interested teachers. The campaign was mainly conducted to create awareness based on disaster management, waste management and conserving forest resources. According to scout leader Mr. Sherab Wangchuk said that it was fun and was full of excitement even though the trial exam was near. He felt it was his obligation as a scout member to create awareness to community and he also said that it was one of his memorable moments of the year.

3. The school administration has come up with the policy of speaking English and Dzongkhag in an alternate week. The policy is in full swing under the initiative of Mr. Karma Sangay (AP). This policy was mainly imposed to enhance the speaking skills. Those students who fail to abide by the policy become the member of school work force for thirty minutes after sixth period initiated by Mr. Karma Sangay. One of the student from class XD said that such policy have really enhanced their speaking skills and is looking forward to have such policy being framed in the future.

 4.As per the policy of the school the use of mobile phone is strictly banned nationwide. A speech was made at the commencement of academic session those students possessing mobile phones to return it to their parents.

Despite the school’s strict policy some of the students were found to be using mobile phone in school. The principal of the school proclaimed that if they are able seize the mobile phones, it would be only returned under certain conditions. The conditions are that the mobile will be returned to the parent only when he/she agrees to pay fine of Nu 1000 as decided in the staff meeting.

5. 21st Sept. was celebrated as Blessed Rainy day throughout the country. It is believed that our sins will be washed by taking bath during the day. The whole nation busily enjoyed the day with their family. The students of YMSS though far from parents also enjoyed the day enthusiastically. Although trial examination has built pressure on class ten, they did find pleasure in celebrating the day involved in the activities planned by the school.

After the dinner, the senior girls engaged themselves in yet another interesting activity which lasted for more than an hour with the initiative of the matron; they planned a number of dance items. They day ended with the singing of Tashi:a song of prayers to meet in same  spirit in the times to come.