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Recreational activities in the hostel

posted May 29, 2013, 8:27 AM by Namgay Dem   [ updated Jun 2, 2013, 10:27 PM ]
 Education for International Understanding is a boon for the mankind, it grooms an individual towards optimism and a healthier life ahead.  The UNESCO club in the schools take the initiative of infusing the values of EIU for the welfare of the world in general.
It is the share coincidence in my being the matron and the UNESCO coordinator that has provided me the  golden opportunity   to extend the EIU practices in the hostel apart from what i do in the school.

Aiming to educate the youths in learning differences and the art of living together  I have started with a monthly recreational activity where the students take turn to plan different activities( speech, debate, drama, speech.dancing,singing...etc..) to engage them and provide forum for the budding artists. Through such activities i also  aim to provide happiness to every child even if it for a second. And am very much encouraged to see that the children are taking the activity positively which  is evident from the way they organize and participate and  from the gaiety that dominates their faces during the programme.

In order to reduce the financial burden on the students i have also started a cooking session, where a group of selected students prepare variety of food items. these are sold to the students themselves. It is my own feeling that the pinch would be less if an individual spends money for their own need. The money that is generated is used for buying the hostel requirements like surf,brush,phenol,pads, curtain...

I feel satisfied for being able to contribute for the humanity in my own small ways... I pray that my zest in the service of others remain eternal...

Namgay Dem
UNESCO coordinator