Dzongkhag Education Calendar-2013

Dzongkhag Education Calendar-2013
Months Date Activities
February  13/02/2013 Reporting of Teachers
15/02/2013 Reporting of students and class to begin.
March 08/07/2013 International Women's Day
15-17/3/2013 Dzongkhag Principals' Coordination Meeting
20/3/2013 International Day of Happiness
20-22/3/2013 Dzongkhag Annual Tshechu
25/3/2013 Begin 1st round Monitoring(PMS)
25/3/2013 Schools to submit EMIS to PPD and Dzongkhag
25/3/2013 Schools to submit teacher deployment form to Dzongkhag
31/3/2013 Submission of teacher deployment form to Ministry
21/02/2013 World Poverty Day
April 15/4/2013 Submit Monitoring Report to EMSD
04/10/2013 Send Priliminary Information for Classes VI,X & XII to BCSEA
15/4/2013 Submission of Promotion form due for July
20/4/2013 Zhabdrung Kuchoe
30/4/2013 Submission of Scout fee\Registration
30/4/2013 Half Yearly Report on NFE
May 4-6/5/2013 Dzongkhag Sports Meet
05/02/2013 Birth Anniversary of the 3rd King & Teacher's Day & Mother's Day
05/12/2013 World Press Freedom Day
14/5/2013 Reach text books requisition to Dzongkhag
25/05/2013 Lord Buddha's Parinirvana
30/05/2013 Deadline to reach Class X & XII registration to BCSEA
30/05/2013 All bills to reach Dzongkhag for June closing.
31/05/2013 World No Tobacco Day/Send SRMIS to HQ, MoE
  01/06/2013 Send registration form for class X/XII Private & Failed Candidates to BCSEA
June 02/06/2013 Social Forestry Day
17/06/2013 World Day to combat Desertification and Drought
19-29/6/2013 Mid Term Exam 
26/06/2013 International day Against Illict Trafficking & Substance Abuse
18/06/2013 Birth Anniversaey of Guru Rinpochoe
30/06/2013 Submission of attendance report & School close for Term Break
July 1-15/7/2013 Summer break
01/07/2013 Float quotation for supply of stationary and sports items
07/11/2013 World Population day
12/07/2013 First Sermon of Lord Buddha
16/07/2013 Classes Begin
20/7/2013 Mid Term Results Declaration
August 08/02/2013 Submission of Promotion forms due in January
08/03/2013 Submission of transfer forms of all the Education staff
12/03/2013 International Youth Day
17/8/2013 Review meeting for Principals
08/12/2013 Submission of expatriate's contract extension form and promotion form
September 6-8/9/2013 Regional Games & Sports Meet 
08/09/2013 International Women's Day
16/09/2013 World Ozone Day
21/09/2013 Blessed Rainy day
24/9/2013 Reach Stationary & sports Requisition to the Dzongkhag
Send Dzongkhag AEC conference minutes to HQ, MoE along with agenda for AEC 2013
  10/01/2013 2nd round monitoring starts
October 12/10/2013 Global Hand Washing Day
16/10/2013 World Food Day
14/10/2013 Dassian
24/10/2013 United Nation's Day
25-27/10/2013 Principals' coordination meeting
26/10/2013 Descending Day of Lord Buddha
November 11/01/2013 The Coronation of  Druk Gyalpo
Nominees for BBE invigilation duties to reach Dzongkhag
Select invigilators and notify the schools
11/11/2013 Birth Anniversary of Fourth king
18/11/2013 Annual Exam Starts
30/11/2013 Annnul exam ends
December 01/12/2013 World Aids Day
09/12/2013 International Anti-Corruption Day
16/12/2013 Submission of consolidated result with pass % to Dzongkhag
16/12/2013 Submission of PAS forms/budget/
17/12/2010 National Day Celebration
18/12/2010 Result Declaration
19/12/2013 Winter Break