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posted Mar 25, 2015, 11:34 AM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated Mar 29, 2015, 8:17 AM ]
In Commemoration with the 60th birth anniversary of our fourth Druk Gyelpo, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary school, the Yebi family organized a day sports day for students, on 21st March, 2015 (Saturday). The main objective of organizing such event was to enrich our students, the future citizen of the nation with a sporting spirit and a venue to display their physical prowess. It is also a favorable time where students/children refresh their mind in the midst of heavily scheduled academic learning. The event began at 8:00am, where the family gathered in the school football ground, the event field and prepared to receive the chief guest, the doctor of the District Hospital, Zhemgang. There were around five hundred people gathered, including the guests, parents, staff and students. It was in fact, the celebration of first ever annual sports day in the school.  

After hoisting the national flag by the chief guest, followed by singing of National Anthem, the principal of the school, Mr. Dorji welcomed everyone, especially the chief guest and other guest. This was followed by inspirational words of wisdom, the inaugural speech by the chief guest, where he highlighted on the importance of sports day for younger generations in the schools.

The main conductors of the event were Mr. Kezang Dorji and Mr. Tashi Wangdi, who are also the games and sports in charges of the school with the help of other officials. Other faculty members were also involved in helping the school in serving the refreshment, preparing meals, and so on. Different track events, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and relay race for both boys and girls, as well as various events like jumps, throws, sack race and board race was organized. Moreover, to make the day more joyous, small kids of ECCD (in blasting the balloon) and elders; guests and staff (in niddle and thread game) were involved. The competitions were held between various houses: Jigme, Khesar, Namgyel and Wangchuk, where the members cheered for their houses. In the mean time, refreshments were served to all the viewers as well as participants.

The events were finished off, with the most energetic and cheered obstacles race for junior boys. After the event, all the students were once again gathered in the event field, to announce the winners. The honorable chief guest, followed by other guest, the clinical officer of the district hospital, the principal and the teachers were invited one after another to award the prizes and certificates to the winners. Most of the participants received more than one award, yet they are not allowed to participate in more than three events, with the aim to provide opportunity to majority of the students.

At around 2:30pm, a simple lunch was served to the guest, staff and all the students, including day scholars and this was the end of an exciting annual sports day. Everyone seemed tired, yet they dispersed with an immense grin of satisfaction.

-        Chador Wangmo