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Yebilaptsa Family Celebrated School Picnic on 11th November, 2013

posted Nov 12, 2013, 8:03 PM by Dorji Nedup

Towards the end of the academic year, before every one of us engage in busy schedules like in conducting home examination, correction of exam paper, preparation of results and some teachers leaving for an official duty as an invigilators, a grand school picnic was organised in our football ground on 11th November, 2013 in commemoration to the 58th birth anniversary of our beloved 4th Druk Gyalpo King Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Indeed, on this joyous occasion, the celebration of our school picnic was very interesting, full of excitement, enjoyments and it became a memorable happy moment for the YMSS family. Without the absence of single staff and students, we could come together on this particular day to celebrate picnic successfully with great sense of satisfaction.   

Mr. Remesan (Mess Committee member), Shanti Ram (Mess In-charge), Mr. Tshering Tshedhar (Mess Committee Members) and Mr. Karma Sangay (Officiating vice Principal) took a prime role in coordinating the preparation of the school picnic. Other teachers including selected students were also equally engaged in preparation of the said picnic as per their job delegation drawn earlier in the staff meeting.  As such, the coordinators and cooks provided all students and staff with delicious food items and refreshment being served on time.

 Students who were not engaged in assisting in cooking sat together in a U-shape form. Then the respective classes presented their cultural programme in accordance to the item list. In-between cultural coordinator provided an opportunity to some students who out of their curiosity and interest volunteered to sing a solo songs and dances of their choice. Interestingly, the programme coordinator Mr. Yonten Wangchuk (school councilor) in consultation with cultural in-charge lopen Dorji Wangchuk kept interesting items for teachers too.  As a result, each one of us including invited guest from the nearby community were fully engaged in enjoying the programme of our school picnic.

After we served lunch to all students and staff at 1:30PM, we gather once again in a normal sitting arrangement and conducted three cultural programmes. Then, prizes were awarded to the winners competed for different programme like bursting a balloon, tug-of-war, pulling a tail, musical chair and balloon dance organised  in-between cultural programme of school picnic.

Exactly at 3:00PM, in order to wish, hope and offer our sincere prayer to almighty to be always blessed us with same happiness in future, all students, guest and staff made three circles and concluded the day with ‘Tashi Labay Dance’.