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Welcome Dinner Organised for New Colleagues

posted Mar 15, 2014, 9:48 AM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated Mar 15, 2014, 12:39 PM ]

Every year school family is being joined by new staff and indeed it is a great opportunity for each one of us to know each other more deeply and become friends for the rest of our lives. School has always high expectation from new colleagues. They would be excited to support, cooperate and contribute towards general welfare of the school.  Usually when new members join school, they would be having lots of enriching experiences, knowledge and skills. Thus, in the due course of our stay together in the same school, we get an opportunity to learn knowledge and skills from each other through the conduct of SBIPs and informal discussions.   

As a part of our school culture, on 14th March 2014 evening, the old members of school wholeheartedly organized a welcome dinner to our new members of the school. We have four teachers joining our family in this academic year including Vice Principal. The programme was coordinated by the staff secretary. The sole motive of organizing such programme is to provide more comfort and attachment towards them. Through such programme we get familiarize with each other and working environment becomes more conducive. Normally, when someone is new to the place, he or she feels nostalgic and lonely. We ensure new members with strong moral support and wishes them a very enriching, enjoyable and happy stay with the family of Yebilaptsa MSS.