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posted Jul 18, 2013, 8:26 PM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated Jul 18, 2013, 8:28 PM ]
The school administration would like to graciously welcome all the family of Yebilaptsa MSS back to the school from summer vacation. It is good to notice that almost all students reported on time. Only few students could not make out in time under unavoidable circumstances. However, they inform school that they will report on 17th July, 2013 without fail.

The school has full hope that all students and colleagues must have enjoyed vacation with lots of enriching and wonderful moments with your family and friends. Now, with your rejuvenated energy, the school looks forward to accomplish all planned activities as per school calendar successfully with your strong support and cooperation.

At the same time, let me also take this opportunity to urge all students to sincerely reflect base on your mid-term examination result. You will receive your corrected exam paper from the subject teacher probably from today onwards. The mid- term result will clearly indicate how much the individual student had worked hard prior to attending the said examination. If you have achieved low marks in varied subjects that would be the clear indication of not being serious in ones studies. Therefore, I would like to inform all students to have deep analysis and reflection based on your mid-term result so that you will be able to do better in future examination.  Please do not waste your time in doing unproductive activities when you aspire to shine academically.

It is utmost importance especially for class X students to put more effort in your studies from the beginning itself. You are in a crucial juncture where you will be appearing board examination within short span of time. The school administration will be ever ready to provide any kinds of support that would cater general needs of students. We will be always there to support your meaningful learning. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek any kinds of support from school.


 As rightly said “Hard work is key to success” there are some students who had done extremely well and got wonderful result in their mid-term examination. They are the one who had smartly calculated time, and studied sincerely. As a result, they are identified as a top performing student from their respective classes. As such, we would like to congratulate them and at the same time we would like to urge them to continue with same spirit for all times to come. 


The normal class will be resume w.e.f 17th July, 2013. As information to all colleagues and students, the mid-term result will be declared on 27th July, 2013. Therefore, all colleagues are requested to submit marks within 22nd July, 2013.