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posted Oct 21, 2012, 8:14 PM by Sonam Leki

The trial examination which started on 15th October 2012 comes to its end on 20th October, Saturday. All the students were found very serious in preparing for the exam and attended very carefully thereby they could gain confidence, the way to attend the BCSE Examination which is starting on 30th November. Subject teachers have prepared question papers as per the same pattern of BCSE examinations which will be model for the students and it will help them to know the important questions from different areas of the syllabus in particular subject. A total of 104 students of four sections in class 10 have written the trial examination. Trial examination result will be declared on 5th November. Form the total of midterm (40%) and trial (60%), marks, 20% will be calculated to send to BCSEA as the internal marks for each class 10 students.

Also we have conducted the trial computer application practical on 12th October form morning 6:00am to 4:00pm for 64 students in 4 batches which was successful with the hard work done by IT instructor, Mr. Dorji Samdrup and the maintenance work carried out by Laboratory assistant Mr. Tashi Wangdi.

Examination secretary Mr. Rajesh would like to whole heartedly thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff who rendered their valuable support in preparation and conduction of trial examination. Also examination committee would like to express their heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the school administration for providing with new digital printing machine which made printing work very easy and for the necessary valuable feedback and appreciation   in the conduct of examination.

Rajesh Kumar P.

Examination secretary