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Students and staff get the taste of their lone litchi tree.

posted Jun 13, 2013, 5:26 AM by Sonam Leki

 13th June, 2013. The lone litchi tree once laden with bountiful of fruits stands upright now. The very reason is that the school harvested 83 Kilograms of fruits which amounted to Nu.2490, after selling it at the rate of Nu.30 to the school mess. The total amount earned will be deposited in the School Agriculture Programme Fund account according to the school Principal Mr. Dorji.

 The school has nurtured the single tree that bore fruits to ensure each and every student gets an equal share of the fruits for their concern and care.

 This particular tree serves many purposes; students take refuge during the scorching sun, serves as classroom in the outskirt and also a place to demonstrate history lesson, especially about Lam Pema Lingpa Jumping into the lake, said one of the teachers.

 On 13th June, alongside weekly health observation day, students and staff were offered litchi fruits with brief information on the need and importance of fruit consumption for keeping oneself healthy and bodily fit.

 The speaker reasoned that it is scientifically proven eating a diet rich in fruits may reduce risk from heart diseases including heart attack and stroke besides numerous benefits of fruits consumption. It protects against certain types of cancers, reduces the risk of obesity and type of diabetes. It reduces blood pressure and the risk of developing kidney stones and helps to decrease bone loss.

 The staff and the students were also reminded of the waste management and for that, they were asked to deposit the seeds and peels in separate containers placed at various locations.

 The seeds will be used for growing saplings to be transplanted during 2nd and 5th June next year coinciding with the Social Forestry day and World Environment Day according to Assistant Principal, Karma Sangay.

 We can still see quite a number of fruits on the tree and the teacher coordinator and students hope to harvest it very soon once it gets ripen. The students are expecting better yield and plead for better taste.