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Preparedness Drill, 21st September

posted Sep 3, 2013, 9:25 PM by Sonam Leki
Bhutan was never secure in the past, and it’s in no way safe at this moment from the clutches of the natural catastrophes. Bhutan had witnessed two major earthquakes in the 21st century; measuring magnitude of 5.5 on Richter scale (2003) and in recent times, on 21st September,2009 measuring up to 6.1 on Richter scale, devastating the Bhutanese’  lives and properties which amounted to total estimated loss of Nu.2501 million. 

Such disasters are unpredictable though. Reflecting on such impulsive blow of the natural world and its subsequent consequences, the School Disaster Management Committee (SDM) along with school administration held mock drill on August, 31, 2013 to prepare the school children and the staff in the event of such quake.

It was for the second time that the school carried out such event, and it was optimistically welcomed by every participant: realistically impractical occasion though. All the teachers and students alike did take part seriously bearing in mind the genuine episode; the earthquake which we are all alarmed of. 

One of the first major activities in this regard, was the conduct of re-sensitization programme to students and school staff of their roles and responsibilities prior to the conduct of actual mock drill. It was facilitated by SDM coordinator, which included; familiarization on evacuation routes, briefing on do’s and don’ts, and in general the evacuation sites and first aid spot which were introduced to evade unpleasant and inconvenient incidents during such unsounded situation. Every team responsible for the business was equipped and well instructed to deal with the essential equipment in their particular arena of operation.  

    The mock drill did set-out as planned, and concluded successfully without any misfortunes which are typically not uncommon through such practice. There wasn't any mark of bruise, indicating ill practices and lack of proper direction and vital information required of. 

It was indeed- a great lesson, worth of conducting. It has prepared every participant to confront unanticipated disaster that otherwise would cause much damage to lives and properties in case if such disaster ever become obvious. This event also provided opportunity to collect feedback and reflect upon in developing better disaster management practice and re-organizing the operation structure for the future cause. It was also a moment to address the flaws that stirred up in the course of mock drill, and redress all those defects for future perfection. 

The school plans to conduct more of such sensitization programme to sensitize and to revitalize the operation mechanism of SDM committee and to inform and create awareness among the children and the staff on other potential hazards which deem crucial in general.

Karma Sangay