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Police Youth Awareness Programme

posted May 6, 2013, 8:13 PM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated May 7, 2013, 6:53 AM ]
police youth awareness
1st May, 2013:
The Yebilaptsa MSS had the honour to have the police representative to share and talk on the youth related issues. This noble programme was initiated with the following aims and objectives.

1.        Let students (our Youth) be aware of the youth related issues                                 

2.        Create awareness about the laws

3.        Reduce youth coming in conflict with the laws and,

4.        Provide forum to resolve their prominent doubts

The School Administration welcomed the Lt. Colonel Tshering Dorji of the Royal Bhutan Police Training center, Jigmeling ,Gelephug the Superintendent   of Police and Officer Commander of Zhemgang  at 8:50 am on the occasion of the police youth Partnership programmme held at Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School.

The programme started at 9:00 AM with the welcome address by the Principal, YMSS followed by Chief Guest’s address to the students on the youth related issues.

Lt. Colonel, the chief spoke person highlighted on the key youth issues that the youth comes in conflict with the laws of the nation.

Some of the main youth related issues that the Lt. Colonial highlighted and the burning issues that surrounds youth today are of the teenage pregnancy, abusing banned substances, formation of gangs,  robbery and burglary. Besides informing the youth on the consequences of their action against the outlawed practices, the Colonial also cited some of the latest youth that had reached to the police custody.

After the Lt.colonel’s briefing on youth related issues, it was followed by question and answer sessions on pertinent youth related problems.

Dago of class XA, asked whether he would be charged in case two or more of the enemies happen to threaten him and in retaliation if he happens to strike in the first place.  To his question, the Lt. Colonial informed the participants that whatsoever may be the cause of the problem, the use of the weapon in the first place is punishable by the rule of law even if it is for self defense.

Three hours programme saw extensive discussion on youth related crimes. The resource person also talked on the difficulties and the hardship that the Cop face in handling the youth related crime. He also informed the youths about the need for extending their much required cooperation in resolving the youth related problems that the country is plagued with.

Younten Wangchuk, the School Councilor, raised the issue of teenage pregnancy.

According to Lhatu Jamba of XC, such programme was found to be very informative and enriching to avoid youth coming in conflict with the laws. She said that, it is very imperative to support the police to create a crime free society. She also came to know that, if youth cooperate with the cop, this would ensure smooth functioning of the government and the nation as a whole.

Khena Maya of XA was surprised to hear that, she was not aware of the armed robbery, gang formation and crimes that are being committed by our youths today.   She expressed her satisfaction in attending such a noble programme.

Chandri Mongar of XB shared her worries on today’s youths especially, abusing of DRUGS. And she explains that DRUGS in four simple words- Dangerous, Risky, Useless and Goal. She further explains the criteria of productive youth which is; sense of belonging, sense of ownership, sense of discipline and sense of responsibilities.

Tenzin Dema of IXC, found the programme very informative and educative whereby she is able to realize about the crimes that are likely to be committed by the youths and its consequences. She learned about the negative aspects of Gang formation which is unethical, unpleasant and unacceptable. 

The Principal, YMSS questioned the facilitator whether he would be charged in case if someone stranger or acquaintance happen to keep their belongings in his house, especially the stolen items claiming to be their own in the gesture of extending hospitality as it is deeply rooted in our culture. However, with police investigation he further questioned whether he would be liable for punishment as per police act for holding those possessions for not knowing whether it is truly stolen items.

In response, the resource person told that such matter would be thoroughly investigated and if proven innocent the accused would be let free.

The programme ended with the vote of thanks by the Officiating Vice Principal, YMSS and a simple lunch was arranged by the school for the Guests and the staff.