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Parent/Teachers meeting

posted Feb 19, 2014, 8:50 PM by Sonam Leki   [ updated Feb 23, 2014, 9:17 AM by Dorji Nedup ]

Minutes of Parent/Teachers meeting [17/02/2014]


Welcome note by the Principal

·        Presented the overview of academic performance of the students (CL- VII, VIII&IX).

·         Presented the performance of Cl. X students, BCSE 2013.

·        Familiarized the floor with some of the disciplinary issues prevailing in the school.

-        Cited examples of common disciplinary issues of schools theft, use of substances, alcohol, fight etc.

-        Serious disciplinary issues eg. rape case, using weapons, going against teacher/captains etc which cannot be solved at the school level and has to be forwarded to the court.

·        Urged the parents to render their support and service to the school in case of any disciplinary issues so as  to provide our children a physically and psychologically safe learning environment.

·        Unhealthy relationship [between opposite sex] amongst student or students with outsiders must be seriously looked into the matter by the concerned parents and render support to the school to curb  such unwarranted affairs.

·        Use of mobile phone is completely prohibited in the school. Any student found in possession of mobile phone will be ceased. Ceased mobile phones will be returned at the end of the year to the parents with penalty payment of Nu. 1000/- to the school. The amount collected from the ceased mobile phone will be used for the school.

·        Parents wishing to contact their child can contact through hostel mobile phone during weekdays from 8PM-9PM

·        Parents can contact their child through the teacher’s phone whenever required as it is felt that parents will be informed about the progress and well being of their children.


Administration’s (school) support to the staff and students.

·        There is acute shortage of staff quarters in the school.

·        School decided to construct 2 units of temporary staff quarter at the earliest

·        Bought 40” LCD screen to be used for teaching learning purposes

·        SAP- program is conducted for better income to the school and to provide additional nutrition to the students.

·        Contact number of all the teachers are provided to encourage more interactions between teachers and parents

Presentation by Matron/Warden

·        There must be restriction on sending girls as sick attendant for their relatives to the hospital. Parents must not insist school to send their children as sick attendant whenever they visit hospital.

·        Male visitors for girls is restricted unless through proper channel.

·        Advice on restriction of use of mobile phone in schools must be given by parents themselves

·        Both students and parents are to follow proper Leave procedure.

·        On all declared holidays, leave can be availed only by completing all leave procedures by direct parent/immediate guardian.

Examination secretary’s presentation

·        School shall follow two term examination system

·        Mid-term exam  schedule: 16-30th June,2014

·        Mid-Term break shall  start from 1st July and end on 15th  of the same month.

·        Mid-Term result  will be declared on  26th July

·        Trail exam schedule for Cl. X:  20-25th October.

·        Trial exam result will be declared on  27th October.

·        Annual exam schedule for Cl. VII, VIII, & IX : 12-25th November

Opinion shared by Trong Gup (DYT Chairperson as a chief Guest)

·        Important to conduct timely PTM

·        All parent must be aware of the school policy, rules and regulations and abide by its DOs & DON’Ts

·        Refreshed on the academic achievement of the BCSE 2013 result and its success

·        Importance of discipline in the school

·        Proper support and guidance from parents to their child is essential and to avoid ‘blame-game’

·        Highlighted on consequences of using alcohol and other harmful substances in students and youth

·        Highlighted that ‘better students depend on better teacher’ and ‘better child depends on better parents’

·        Reinforced on the  prohibition of use of mobile by students in the school

·        Making better usage of school facilities by parents and students to improve themselves

Resolution of Parent-Teachers meeting (2013)

·        Sale of alcoholic beverages to the students is strictly prohibited. Shopkeepers and local community has to take a serious note.

·        Parents are responsible to scrutinize their children’s unhealthy/unwarranted  affairs and  agreed to provide support to school to avoid such matters

·        On declared holidays, leave can be granted by confirming through contact by the child’s parents but the procedure must be completed by the child in school.

·        In case of emergency/ rimdro etc, leave will be granted on completion of proper  leave procedure by the parents/immediate guardian (in person).

·        Taking students as sick attendant for relatives/parents will not be encouraged however in case of emergencies student can visit the sick person within the stipulated time.

·        Mobile phones ceased from students will not be returned but will be auctioned during PMT without penalty being paid. And the amount collected from the sale of auctioned mobile phones must be accountable to the concerned committee. However, the amount can be used by the school for the benefit of the students and the school.

·        All parents acknowledged the teachers and school for selfless and timely support to their children and their concerns.

·        Security deposit of Nu. 100/- will be used by the school with proper account maintained and will not be returned to the students like previous years.

·        In order to discourage student coming up with different hair style, the floor decided to ensure students to maintain their hair short especially for boys and girls to keep their hair till their shoulder level.  However, girls need to tie up their hair with black hairband during school hour.