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Mess Captains Election

posted Jul 23, 2013, 2:43 AM by shanti Ram pakwal
On the 17th July, 2013, the Mess Committee selected the school mess captains for the second academic session through voting among the boarding students. In the morning of 19th July during the assembly, those selected mess captains were awarded with badges by the Principal.  Out of 14 contesting students the following were the selected students:

                                I.   Dorji Rinchen (X A)- won by 68 votes

                              II.   Leki Dema (X D)- won by 57 votes

                            III.   Deki Wangmo (VIII A)- won by 77 votes

                            IV.   Choki Lethro (VII B)- won by 64 votes

In the system, the school Mess Committee selects four mess captains; two from the senior classes and two from the junior classes. The committee does so to ensure fair and just among the students despite differences in their standard.

Such practices of appointing the captains and In-charges in school through mass voting helps students in the better understanding of the principles of democracy in placed and how it should work in such system. The students always share their happiness in such selection process.

The committee looks forward to their commitment and support.