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Honorable Education Secretary visits YMSS

posted Jun 16, 2015, 10:16 PM by Sonam Leki

Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary school was delighted to host a visit from the Honorable Education Secretary, on 16th June, 2015 in the midst of her visit to schools in Zhemgang Dzongkhag. The honorable secretary and few entourages arrived in the school at around 6:45 pm where the staffs of Yebilaptsa MSS and Tingtibi LSS received them in the school dining hall.

The meeting was started by lighting the butter lamp by honorable secretary to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of the fourth Druk Gyelpo. After that, the principal, YMSS, welcomed the distinguished guests, especially honorable secretary to our school, with expression of the gratitude for her visit and gave a brief scenario of our school. It is followed by receiving of few words of wisdom from honorable secretary, which enriched and astounded us; “Advise the students to always face the challenge to meet the success, give equal importance to both English and Dzongkha language, whereby if the students speak English, let them speak only English and vice versa in order not to confuse themselves to speak one pure language.” She also said that promoting scouting program in the school will help in building wholesome education in school children.

Honorable secretary also asked several questions related to the National Reading Year along with sharing few importance of reading and importance of infusing children’s interest in reading. For that, a reading coordinator, Mr. Kelzang Tashi shared to honorable secretary about the few planned reading schedules and activities carried out in our school.

The most awaited visit ended with a vote of thanks by the assistant principal, YMSS, thanking her visit to our school and for her words of wisdom which actually provoked our thoughts, followed by few cultural items and a simple dinner arranged by the staffs of two school. The staffs of two schools pledged to do as per the enchanting advices of honorable secretary.  

This was a wonderful opportunity for the staffs of above mentioned schools to have received an audience with honorable secretary and discuss on educational concerns and issues. She also said that she was happy to hear about various programs initiated in the school to promote student’s learning, especially the daily remedial classes for weaker students. All of us at the school thoroughly appreciated the time Honorable Secretary gave us though it already fell night (6:45-9:30 pm) and also to other schools in her hectic schedule as Bhutan’s Education Secretary.


Chador Wangmo