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Global Hand washing Day

posted Oct 17, 2014, 10:05 PM by Sonam Leki

An unexpected rain interrupted the programme which was supposed to be scheduled in the morning of 15th Oct.  Nevertheless, the program was pushed to the end of the day(after school) and the day was observed ceremoniously.  

At around 3:05pm, the Yebilaptsa MSS family gathered in the football ground. The program started with speeches by the Health In-charge, Mr.Phuba and the health captain who highlighted on the   importance of the day.  To enliven the event, students of class VII performed dances on the theme song.

Global Hand Wash 2014

A demonstration activity followed next. Students were asked to make a three semicircle with their water in the bucket or bottle in front. The health captain then distributed the soap.

The steps of hand washing were displayed in pictorial chart and health in-charge demonstrated the steps practically. . The students were then asked to wash their hands in sequence by following the instructions.

The day was observed to draw awareness on hand washing because it is something hardly ever put into practice.  The idea is to show students the benefits of turning hand washing into an automatic response, making it a habit, which can save more lives than vaccine could do.