Tour Report

I am here on behalf of Entrepreneurship club and I would like to take this privilege to report on our Field- trip to Samkhara, & Surey in Sarpang Dzong .Under the initiative of our Club- master and with the permission from the school administration, we made this trip, day before yesterday.

This trip was entirely different from our normal/ formal education trip. The main purpose   and aim of this trip is to make awareness about the functioning of Cottage Industries, Small-scale Industries and become an Entrepreneur. 

We reached there at around 10 0’clock, and met Mr. Manilal rai,, a successful Entrepreneur and  a well- trained person, who welcomed us and gave warm hospitality and  sponsored the brunch.

Entrepreneurship club

We started to visit different livestock farming such as Poultry/Fishery/Piggery & Apiculture.

Firstly we visited two Poultry farms in Samkhara and Surey and learnt more about the management of hens/chickens, identification of sick hens/treatment/loan facility/marketing plans etc.

Secondly, we reached to see Aquaculture - study of fishes where we saw different kinds of fishes, and to name few: such as grass cup, silver cup, common cup etc. And also we learnt the diseases of fish and prevention methods.

There we have also seen a small Piggery.

After lunch, we went to see Apiculture, a branch of science, study about Honey bee - keeping. There, we learnt the characteristics of honey bees, culturing bees, different kinds of honey bees such as king bees, queen bees and worker/servant bees etc... and how to make Honey bee-Box.

Now, I would like to share some interesting facts, but unbelievable things about honey bees.

1)  It travels about hundreds of Kilo meters to collect honey (nectar) - a kind of sweet liquid in flowers.

2) Generally, most of us are afraid of honey bees, for its stinging which is really a painful one for a while but it is of course good for health in some extent, regarding strengthening nervous system and free from nerve-related disorder like Paralysis in future.

3)  Fertilization takes place at 2 km above the earth surface. If the queen bee is not there, all other bees quarrel and die at last.

 Here, I would like to inform one thing that a Honey Bees - Box (worth Nu.3500) was presented to our school by Mr Manilal. Now Ramchandra 10A is going to show the Box and hand the Box over to the Principal.

 Finally, the trip was really interesting, informative and memorable one. We have gained enough knowledge concerning the above fields and have developed courage and confidence to face the challenges of the unemployment problems. Besides these, we got the sources of light to become a successful Entrepreneur after completion of our studies if Government jobs are not available.

 We wish such a useful programme to continue even in the future and the members to keep up the spirit for the whole year. And lastly, if any one of you have any doubt, we welcome to clear the same.

We would like to say Big -Thank for mess committee for providing break-fast and Dinner on time when we reached back. And, not to forget our school administration for making our study tour a very successful one, thank you SIR.


Entrepreneurship club Coordinator