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"Enhancing classroom teaching" SBIP by DEO

posted Aug 16, 2013, 2:47 AM by Namgay Dem   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 6:49 AM by Dorji Nedup ]

From the Principal

It is definitely an honor and a great pleasure for YMSS family to host this significant school based in-service programme on enhancing Classroom teaching resourced by the Dzongkhag Education Officer. I am hopeful that all the participants here are excited and look forward to participate actively and learn something constructive from this programme.  Such Forums are mandatory to enable teachers to sit, share and discuss the rich experiences to enable ourselves to grow professionally and become more competent to handle the changing time, the system and the students.

 PD programme has become an important aspect of capacity building of a teacher and enables him/her to impart quality teaching to the students. In the similar vein, Ethiopia staff (n.d) makes it clear that it is critical for veteran teachers to have ongoing and regular opportunities to learn from each other. Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up-to-date on new research on how children learn.

On behalf of the YMSS family and the teacher participants from Tingtibi LSS, I would like to extend our deepest and sincere appreciation to Mr. Sangay Chophel(DEO) for your invaluable support and coming up with this professional development programme for the teachers of the two schools.  We have our deepest salute to sir for your noble initiative and the time despite the busy schedule. We feel deep attachment to the Dzongkhag Education Office through such benevolent act. With the concern from the higher authority, we would not feel alone and left out in the midst of time when schools and teachers are subjected to public securitization.   

Thank you!  


The programme lasted for almost five hours (9-1:30) with a tea break and working lunch sponsored by Dzongkhag. The Principal, Vice Principal and 16 teachers from Tingtibi LSS and 22 teachers including the Principal and Assistant Principal attended the SBIP.

Following are the points highlighted in the PD minuted by the staff secretary:

i.                   Welcome speech by the Principal (YMSS)

ii.                  DEO highlighted on the difference between the teaching profession and other jobs.

iii.              Movie show  the “Triumph”

iv.              Discussion and analysis on the movie

ü A teacher has to aspire to dream high,  always look for a better learning atmosphere 

ü Encourage his/her students to challenge the questions thrown to them. Giving them opportunity to participate in the class.

ü Must involve parents in child’s learning.

ü Need of accepting  children

ü Incorporating various teaching learning strategies.

ü Remedial measures

ü Rewarding children for their efforts.

v.                 Classroom citizenship and discipline:

ü Grooming children in the classroom through positive reinforcement, providing opportunities and fair assessment.

ü Teachers must work towards promoting GNH values.

ü Believing and implementing positive disciplining

vi.              An example of teacher conduct accord with GNH values and principles from SAT

ü Teachers must  act as model

ü Participate in framing school rules, norms and culture

ü Be on time, prepared and equipped

ü Responding std’s greeting

ü Teach with enthusiasm

ü Be cautious of what you think, say and do.

ü Prepare students for lesson

ü Respect student’s view and make conclusion only after learning the fact.

ü Maintain friendly classroom atmosphere for a better learning

ü Displaying student’s work and timely removal

ü Recording student’s value development and provide feedback.

ü End the class with some value questions (why&how)and meditation

ü Report good/bad practices to the principal.

vii.            Teacher deployment 2013 (Principal TLSS)

ü Each teacher should have minimum of 22 hours per week.

ü Exceeding the maximum number of periods to be mentioned in the PAS for incentives.

viii.         Vote of thanks (Assistant Principal)


 Namgay Dem

Staff secretary