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Educating for Gross National Happiness

posted Apr 5, 2015, 11:05 PM by Sonam Leki

On 4th April 2015 the GNH team (six teachers) who have attended GNH workshop recently had conducted the PD programme in the school level, including supporting staff. All the participants took part actively and it was a successful session.

The PD programme was held mainly to impart and create awareness that in whatsoever activity is carried out in the school level, is aligned with GNH values.

GNH Workshop 2015

The team presented the participants the wisdom they acquired during the workshop. The presentations made were basically on the six pathways, viz. Contextualizing Educating for GNH, Meditation and Mind Training, Infusing GNH into School curriculum, Broader Learning Environment, Holistic Assessment of Children and Critical Thinking and Media Literacy.

Participants felt that, the program was very informative and said they will impart and put into practice the ideas in daily school activities and ensure that it will benefit the innocent learners of the school.

Reported By

Sherab Dorji