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ECCD(Early Childhood Care and Development) Meeting

posted Apr 12, 2013, 2:16 AM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated Apr 12, 2013, 2:26 AM ]
A consultative meeting was held on 30th March, 2013, regarding the establishment of work place based ECCD centre with the hospital staff and the business community. A presentation was made in line to the inception of ECCD centre in our country and its important role. All participants felt ECCD centre is indispensable for every child to attend which would enable them to acquire required skills in line to their developmental stages. Similarly, holistic early childhood development is therefore seen as important contributors to achieving Bhutan Gross National Happiness philosophy. ( Draft policy 2009)

The participants were informed about the vision of our fourth king in view of assisting every youth to become good human beings in their later lives. His majesty always reminds us to provide meaningful education and instill good values to our future generation. In order to achieve His Majesty’s noble vision, we have made a pledge that we would continuously strive and work hard to make our children to become productive citizens by incorporating different aspects of learning opportunities in our teaching process to provide quality education.

In the meeting, we have presented the survey report of children, age ranging from 0-5yrs of our catchment area. We found that there are almost 15 to 20 children eligible for the centre on yearly basis. As such, we foresee promising sustainability of the programme if it is being established. However, there must be consistent support and commitment from the respective parents for the centre. Indeed, the meeting was very fruitful as there was strong support from the hospital and school community including business entrepreneur for the establishment of the aforesaid centre. They expressed that the centre would cater needs of formative age children that belong to hospital and school staff.

Further, we have also deliberated that the mentioned programme would have an immense impact towards the positive development of all domains of our children. Some of them shared that especially in the urban centres, parents were now aware of providing various learning opportunities to their children. They felt that an early positive intervention would be necessary for children to grow physically, psychologically and socially well. They opine that it would be possible only if concern parents take lead role in upbringing their children establishing strong vibrant relationship with their children. One way of mainstreaming children to gain meaningful learning experiences would be through enrolling them in the ECCD centre where they learn knowledge, communication, socialization, motor skills etc. from the trained facilitators. Apart from this, children can also learn constructively from their friends while playing and interacting with each other. Most of the time, the centre would provide children an opportunity to engage in constructive play. In the same vain, Piaget.J (1957), insisted that meaningful learning opportunities require a period of open-ended playing around with the different ways of doing something. Further he observed that “Constructive play is a preliminary stage in the development of skill, and skill is preliminary to creativity.” The members were briefed on four stages of John Piaget’s developmental theory. Similarly, all members felt the importance of sparing their time with their children and playing with them on daily basis mainly to assist children in the construction of knowledge. Thus, in the light of fostering the development of good human being from the formative age itself, as an educationalist, we felt it is our moral responsibility to provide necessary support to take initiatives for the establishment of work place based ECCD centre. Through ECCD programme, our children would be given opportunities to engage in a constructive learning of all kinds of skills as per their age level.

Finally, the meeting ended with common consensus to propose for approval to the higher authority for the establishment of ECCD centre at the earliest.