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Dzongkhag School Sports Meet, 2013

posted May 7, 2013, 8:16 AM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated May 8, 2013, 9:03 PM by Sonam Leki ]
Sports helps children to develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, learn to play fair games, and improve their self-esteem. Thus, Dzongkhag level school sports meet is an opportune for students from different schools to showcase their talent in various disciplines. We have witnessed through three days that students were really capable and it was encouraging to see them performing very well in different events.  More importantly, sports meet is an enriching and refreshing for students as they get platform to know with each other more closely in a positive note and learn good practices from each other in the process of their interaction. In the similar note, Lyonchen Jigme Y Thinley says, I quote “'I think there are two dimensions to the world of sports; one is the opportunity it gives to individuals, to countries and to communities for social and cultural interaction. This is, I think, the far more important contribution sport can make to a society, through which it can promote peace and harmony. The other side is the side of competition. Unfortunately, success and failure have become the more important aspects of sports today.’  I unquote. Similarly in the article of American Academy of Pediatrics says that “Being proud of accomplishments, sharing in wins and defeats, and talking to them about what has happened helps them develop skills and capacities for success in life. The lessons learned during children's sports will shape values and behaviors for adult life.” As our country is truly embedded with rich, noble and powerful ideas of ‘Gross National Happiness’ our students are found to be very much in line to it. The losing participants did not show any kind of misbehavior or unfriendly character rather they were humble and supportive towards each other.


A total number of 226 student’s participants from different schools under Zhemgang Dzongkhag out of which 118 were boys and 108 were girls’ participants, who took part in the Dzongkhag level school sports meet held at our school w.e.f 4th May till 6th May, 2013. The participating schools were Buli MSS, Sonamthang MSS and Zhemgang HSS and Yebilaptsa MSS (Host School). The student participants were accompanied by a total number of eight escort teachers comprising both male and female escort teachers of respective schools.


On 3rd May, 2013, the host school has organized an orientation and familiarization program after the dinner basically to encourage team spirit in the successful conduct of the sports meet. Then the floor was given an opportunity to express their opinion in designing camp rules to avoid unnecessary incidences taking place. It was encouraging to notice that most of the student participated meaningfully in the process of discussion and shared many significant rules that they would like to follow during their stay in the school. After that, the host school had also made presentation about our expectations in general both from the escort teachers and student’s participants during their stay for the smooth conduct of sports meet and to maintain proper decorum. The three days sports meet ended with great success. This credit in particular goes to all students and escort teachers including official of YMSS for being very supportive and cooperative.


 Indeed we have a great honor and privilege to have the Dzongkhag education officer as the chief guest in the closing ceremony of the sports meet. The hon’ble chief guest shared to participants that inculcating  sportsmanship is of paramount importance as one learns different values like developing friendship, developing team spirit, respecting others and gaining different skills that would be helpful in ones lives. He congratulated all participants for their participation and representing their schools. A special congratulation was made for winner and runners up. The chief guest was being accompanied by Officials from Dzongkhag education office and parents of nearby community too came to witness the closing ceremony of the sports meet to acknowledge our children’s achievement and success together. My perception on children achievement is that ‘yes’ our children learn better provided all stakeholders are always ready to appreciate and acknowledge their success and achievements instantly. They get motivated and hence boost their morale as when we are there to support and compliment their achievement.

Maximum trophies was taken by ZHSS followed by YMSS of various discipline. However, other schools too were also very competitive.