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Celebrating Blessed Rainy Day, 2013

posted Sep 22, 2013, 6:40 AM by shanti Ram pakwal   [ updated Sep 22, 2013, 6:45 AM ]

As a part of culture, an auspicious day the ‘Blessed Rainy Day’ was also celebrated here at Yebilaptsa School in its own small way, too. The occasion ‘THRUE BAAB’ belief to cleanse and purify one’s life by showering, the Buddhist inevitable belief of earthly water becoming as ‘Dueste’ or ‘holy water’ yet mystifying, everybody begins the day either by showering or washing head.

At YMSS, the day started with serving of Thukpa at 6.30 am for the students together with staff willing to join, followed by a day long program of Khuru competition among Houses to mark the day, a usual trend of the school.

The khuru program began at 8 o’clock and was over at 4.00 pm, sometime breaking for refreshment. The audiences were the students, staff and enthusiastic public, usually a passerby. It lasted for about six hours. The participants and the spectators both had a wonderful time together.

However, the most anticipated and so long waited events of the day was yummy and delicious lunch. Then the day ended with students watching a movie.