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Brief report on 5th coronation anniversary

posted Nov 3, 2013, 6:33 AM by Sangay Dorji
YMSS commemorates the 5th coronation anniversary of the 5th dragon king

With the dawn of a new month, November 1st 2013, when the people of this dragon nation reminisces the ascendancy of the 5th monarch to the golden throne of Bhutan six years back on this day of the year, ymss family is in the same voyage to celebrate His Majesty’s 5th  Coronation Day.

The celebration began with the gathering of students and the staff in the assembly ground at 9AM, followed by lighting of 100 butter lamps for the longevity of His Majesty’s life and to light the ignorance of the people with the visionary wisdom of His majesty.

With the unfurl of the national flag, the sacred song of scouts filled the air trailed with the song of reverence  ‘Zhab-toen’  in honour of His Majesty and his successful reign for the welfare of the people. 

The principal seized the opportunity to offer his prayers and to share about the significance of the day that calumniated in some- way in the commemoration of these three significant occasions- the dawn of the parliamentary democratic system of government, the hundred years of monarchy and the celebration of hundred years of modern education in Bhutan.  

The students and teachers took the occasion to offer their prayers and wishes for the perpetual reign of their People’s king.

“It is a great opportunity for me to make my prayers for his majesty’s long life and his successful rule of the nation”, said Yeshi Wangchuk

The modest celebration did not end with the speeches and the prayers. The scout members had the gathering entertained with their amusing scout songs and boogies.  It didn’t take much time to draw the teachers and the students into line and make the occasion more gratifying.

The programme concluded with a ‘Tashi -labaey’; wishing for the successful end of the year and prayer s to embark on to a prosperous future.