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BCSR 2012 Orientation

posted Apr 7, 2013, 9:34 PM by Sonam Leki
It was a moment of pride for the faculty of Yebilaptsa Hospital, Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School and Tingtibi Lower Secondary School to have blessed with the visit of the honorable Dasho Dzongda and Dasho Dzongrab along with a group of officials from the Dzongkhag on 6 April, 2013.

The purpose of Dasho Dzongda’s visit was to emphasize on the upcoming NC and NA elections in the country. Dasho urged and reminded the civil servants to remain apolitical at all cost. He highlighted on the electoral process and commanded the floor to cast vote either through a postal ballot or through personal voting, which is a fundamental duty of every citizen of Bhutan. Every citizen has the fundamental right to vote and elect the right person who would serve the TSA-WA-SUM better.

After the thought provoking remarks the podium was handed over to Dasho Dzongrab and a few Dzongkhag officials whose purpose of visit was to orient the civil servants of this locality on the selected chapters of BCSR 2012.

The team came up with beautiful presentations on various chapters which are very relevant to our own occupational groups. The followings were the chapters presented by the team:

1. Opening Remarks & Overview of BCSR 2012 – Dasho Dzongrab

2. Chapter 2: Civil Service Structure – Legal Officer

3. Chapter 3: Civil Service Code of Conduct & Ethics – Legal Officer

4. Chapter 10: Leave – HRO

5. Chapter 11: Remuneration, Allowances & Benefits – ICT Officer

6. Chapter 13: Promotion – HRO

7. Chapter 19: Administrative Discipline – HRO

8. Chapter 20: Separation – DHSO

9. Chapter 22: Civil Service Award – DHSO

10. Remunerations & Statutory Deductions – Accounts Officer

11. Capitalizing on Team Work for Organizational Excellence – Dasho Dzongrab

It was indeed a great honor for us to have the presence of Dasho and the Dzongkhag officials sparing their time and energy to brief us on BCSR 2012. With their briefings and the presentations we are now quite confident with the BCSR 2012, which is very important to all the civil servants working under the directives and guidance of RCSC.

As a closing remark, Dasho Dzongrab emphasized on the importance of team work for the success of the Dzongkhag.

The participants were served with the refreshments (tea and snacks) and working lunch sponsored by the Dzongkhag Health and Education Sectors.

Namgay Dem

(Staff Secretary)