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Award Day Celebration, 2014

posted Nov 12, 2014, 12:18 AM by Dorji Nedup   [ updated Nov 12, 2014, 1:10 AM ]

Award Photos, 2014

Supposedly the most momentous and worthwhile episode in Yebilaptsa school calendar; a program that is looked upon with hope by everybody is the Annual Award function which is conducted to acknowledge the students’ valuable contributions made to the school during the entire academic year. It is of paramount importance to recognize and reward the outstanding progress of our students so that it becomes a source of inspiration to do something worthwhile. The programme was intended to make them realize that their hard work is always recognized and rewarded.

It’s a time when we tell our children that little contributions they made on their part have made a great difference to the school. We thank and acknowledge the office bearers, captains and in charges, who has served the school in various capacities; beginning with sanitary captain (fondly called-toilet captain) which is thought as most undignified responsibility, but has a great essence and dignity to the school captains who otherwise is comparable to the school principal in his absence. This is the day when children reap the fruits of skills that they have learned during social, games and sports, literary and other co-curricular activities.

 The most important category of award we have is the certificate of academic excellence. While we recognize the need of wholesome education in our children- the core values, attitude, and knowledge that define the life of humankind, we never forget the need to be academically sound  as the sole purpose of schooling.  All in all, the syllabus teachers deliver and the marks children achieve redefine the status and the future of our schooling children.

  This year the occasion was graced by the honourable dasho dzongdag accompanied by Sr. DEO and other officials. On the welcome note, the Principal highlighted on the essence of rewarding children’s achievement and encouraged students to be more competitive. He also presented an overview of the progress made by the school over the year.

 Honourable Dasho spoke to the students, inspiring and reinforcing them to strive for success and excellence. The Dasho, in his concluding remark expressed his satisfaction at how the school had progressed over years and credited the success to the teachers and students of YMSS.