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posted Apr 29, 2013, 7:57 AM by Sonam Leki


What is junk food?

Junk food is an empty calorie food. These foods have little enzyme producing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and contain high level of calories from fat. So these are unhealthy foods.

What does junk food contain and how does it affect us?

1.            Too much fat

Too much saturated fat in the diet will cause people to put on weight and get fat or obese (very fat) or in short overweight. Being overweight is a risk to the health of the heart and can cause other diseases. French Fries, Potato Chips and other deep fried snacks are sources of cholesterol, trans fats, and salt that work towards clogging the arteries. This leads to heart disease and strokes. They can also aid to cancer, arthritis and sexual dysfunction.

2.            Too much salt

Junk foods often have too much salt. There's a lot of salt already in foods such as bread, breakfast cereals and biscuits and cakes. So people are getting more salt than they need when they eat junk food. Too much salt is unhealthy for the heart. Too much sodium, present in salt can cause high blood pressure

1.            Too much sugar

Soft drinks, cordials, biscuits, cakes and lollies all have loads of sugar. That's what makes them taste so good! But too much sugar makes people fat, rots the teeth, is bad for the blood and may cause diseases like diabetes mellitus. Certain sweet food contains a high concentration of synthetic sugar, which is actually not healthy. Creamy cakes contain a highly processed, uncooked form of carbohydrate. This kind of white bread has a high glycemic index which in combination with the high amount of sugar ensures that the blood sugar levels are boosted instantly and causing diabetes mellitus. Carbonated Beverages contain a very high concentration of sugar. Their sugar-free or zero varieties contain sweeteners like aspartame that are harmful if consumed over a period.

1.            Lots of chemicals

Junk food has lots of chemicals and we have no way of knowing what's really in there. These chemicals are one way or other way harmful to the body

2.            Environment pollution

The empty packets of junk food cause environment pollution. Much of these packets are non degradable wastes, it kills the animals and harm the nature.


In some cases, the processing techniques used on food may move them from one category to another. While apples certainly fall on the healthy side of the healthy food vs. junk food, the relative health benefits of eating an apple would be lost if that apple was first dipped in a thick rich layer of caramel sauce. An onion is a useful source of fibre but should be considered junk food when breaded and deep-fried.

Food in most nations is required to carry nutritional information labels, although vegetables, meats and other minimally-processed or unprocessed foods may be exempt from this restriction. When labels are present, the separation between healthy food vs. junk food is easy to spot. Healthy food should provide essential macronutrients such as protein, useful roughage in the form of fibre, or vitamins and minerals. Foods with high levels of trans-fat, saturated fat, sodium, or calories from added sweeteners are more likely to qualify as junk food.

Now we heard much about the impacts of consuming junk food. We, the YMSS family members are trying to reduce the consumption of junk food. In this matter the members of UNESCO club, science club and school scouts are coordinating to observe all Thursdays, starting from today as “no junk food day”. All the members are requested to cooperate with us to make this programme a grand success. So today onwards all Thursdays we avoid junk food. Nobody is forcing anybody. We the human beings are the most intelligent animal in the world.  Think before you open a packet, the both sides the good and the bad. We know health is wealth. Think whether junk foods are necessary or not?


The members of UNESCO club, Science club and School Scouts will be strictly with you, following you, noting you especially on Thursday. Please try to cooperate with us to make this programme a very big success. We, the above mentioned clubs are not thinking of other means to control you, because we are sure that you follow this “no junk food day”.  


Now in your mind another question may arise. OK! Then what to take? Include foods which contain more fibres (roughage), vitamins and water. Also our diet should contain carbohydrate, protein and fat which are required by our body.

I would like to thank all the participants of todays programme, all the members of UNESCO club, science club and also my heart felt thanks go to  madam Namgay Dem who tried hard to make this programme a successful one within a short period of time. Not to forget the school administration, who gave us the support for the conduction of this programme. Also we would like to request to give continuous support for the follow up of this programme in future. 




Science club In charge

(Speech given in the assembly on 18th April 2013 on the inception of “no junk food day”)